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Bronzebeard (PvE)
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Welcome to the Apex Guild Website!!!

We are a small guild geared towards 10 man raiding.  Our seasoned leaders provide an environment of good times, and accountability.




Since you are reading this message you are most likely one of three people, interested in joining the guild, a new recruit, or a current member.  If you are a new recruit or current member go enjoy the website.  If you are interested in joining the guild please continue reading.


The following section is for those interested in joining Apex.  We are currently recruiting on a per application basis.  If it is raiding that you are interested in, there are several requirements that you should be aware of:


  1. Our raid leaders will hold people accountable for under-performance.
  2. Our raids use EPGP Lootmaster to determine who receives loot, it is a fair and transparent system. 
  3. We require a handful of addons to be used during raids, they include: a damage meter, DBM, and EPGP Lootmaster.
  4. We use a calendar to schedule raids, and everyone must sign up for events, two people filling the same role will be awarded a slot based on their attendance percentage.  The formula for it is:  # of raids attended/#of raids signed up for.
  5. All raiders must have TeamSpeak 3 for voice communication.
  6. In the spirit of attendance, and being mindful of the other 9 people in the raid, showing up on-time is required as well. 


Our current raid schedule is as follows:  Thursday, and Sunday from 8:00-11:00 server time.


The guild website will maintain the links to all required addons, and raid tools; as well as several other useful addons. 


If this sounds like a good fit, please click the link at the bottom of the article and fill out the application. 


We will accept casual players that might occasionally be used to fill raid slots.  Understand that attendance, and raid slots go hand in hand. 


Thank you for showing an interest in Apex!


Apex Leadership

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Other Guild News

Another Officer is in place!!!

Ryui, Oct 6, 10 5:27 PM.
Great news!!!  Apex has put a new officer in place.  That brings us one step closer to moving forward with recruiting.  A lot of time and thought is going into getting this off the ground, nothing will be rushed.  Between the leadership in place, and the incoming leaders Apex stands to have one of the best officer cores in all of WoW!!!

Apex going Live

Ryui, Oct 5, 10 1:33 PM.
Apex, a new 10 man raiding guild, on Bronzebeard (US), will be going live at the begining of December, just in time for Cata!!!  We will start recruiting closer to that date, and as soon as Cata drops we will start the thrill of leveling to the new cap!  When enough of us get there we will begin forming raids! 
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